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Vitality: The Origin Story

Long before I founded a wealth management company, I knew the name would be ‘Vitality’ because of how well it applies to my life and work. My awesome grandparents are the ones to thank for that. They taught me the true meaning of the word by demonstrating the power of continuance through legacy, a growth mindset and the richness of an active life. Vitality speaks to my personal values and encompasses my clients’ holistic financial growth.


When it comes to money, steady long-term growth is built on a deep-rooted foundation of trust, strong relationships and proactive measures. At Vitality, we are committed to continuously investing (ha!) in our clients, community, partners and planet.


For us, that includes partnering with One Tree Planted. I love adventuring outdoors in the lush Pacific Northwest, so I seek to preserve its majestic beauty for generations to come. For each financial plan completed by Vitality Wealth Management, we plant 50 trees throughout British Columbia. Trees reflect how we work with clients: a small seedling of knowledge grows into strong financial prowess. Interconnected rings symbolize growth, and remind us that our financial actions (or inaction!) generate a ripple effect throughout our lives.


Throughout their lifetime and even in death, trees provide growth, stability and protection. So should your financial plan.

– Meagan Daniell

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