Business Owners

As a business owner, you have a lot of your personal identity invested in your business; and likely, a tremendous emotional attachment to it. You created it to provide a lifestyle for you, your family and your employees to enjoy. At VWM, we understand what it’s like to be an entrepreneur and what is most important to you. For this reason, we like to manage our relationship in a way that reflects your priorities. Among some of the most vital issues we help business owners to resolve and plan for, are:

  • Protecting your wealth for future generations
  • Minimizing the tax you pay inside your corporation, both now and upon death
  • Drawing retirement income out of your company tax-efficiently for you and your family*
  • Providing employee and executive benefits and retirement services to care for, retain and attract valuable employees
  • Funding the arrangements set out in your shareholders agreement
  • Minimizing risk and loss to your business arising from unexpected events
  • Creating a business succession plan to ensure your vision unfolds as you intend, for your business, your family and employees

Practitioners & Professionals

As a busy working professional you trade your time for your income. You’re in a healthy cash flow position but lack the time to appropriately plan for your future. At VWM, we help you to implement a customized financial plan that ensures your personal and financial goals can be met, while allowing you to focus your time on what you do best. We help you do this by focusing on: 

  • Continually growing your wealth
  • Minimizing your taxes
  • Planning for your retirement
  • Protecting you, your family and your assets


At VWM, family is important; and that’s why we love working with our driven, successful and family-oriented clients. We help you to build and protect your wealth so you can focus on what matters to you most. We provide you with strategic investment and financial planning advice in the areas of: 

  • Wealth accumulation and investment management
  • Retirement planning
  • Tax reduction and efficiency
  • Health, asset and income protection
  • Estate planning and family protection
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